Fang the Cat

Day 11: No meows in the Table

For some, they know that we eat on the dining table on a Mon/Wed basis. Fang would always be around meowing for food, she would always lay down on my lap until we give her a pinch of the food.
Now, its just nothing…pure silence and no sign a four-legged buddy who will just meow at you all or trying look ridiculously cute whenever she lays down on your lap for food.
I still remember, the same Monday, where you tried to jump but you fell, I still remember things fresh, it still hurts, it replays on my mind. I still remember when you tried to eat that day when I gave you fish fillet, but you started to reject food slowly that time.
Wish you were here with us in your white-grey cat form.
#queenfang #adoptdontshop #fangthecat

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