Fang the Cat

Day 7: Sleeping Buddy

I still remember the first few days when I brought you home, I was the happiest person in Earth, a long time dream of having a pet cat became reality, I remember we slept together, waking up all of your paws and nails in my face, but I didn’t care, you were sweet, I could not feel anything else better, than you presence, your purrs, meows, fur.

We slept together, in the sofa, chair, bed and even in the floor.

I love listening to your purrs. It makes me calm. I miss when you sleep on top of me and your butt is on my face.

I remember we shared my bed, 75% of the space was yours and 25% was mine. There were times that I slept in the floor cause you took over my bed.

Those were priceless, precious memories of happiness and meows.

#queenfang #fangthecat #adoptdontshop


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